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Your website is your own little piece of online real estate and the perfect place to connect with your customers. Getting online should be a priority for your brand and with kdm creative it can be done quickly and painlessly.

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Are you stuck with a clunky, ugly website? Something that looks awful on a mobile device, costs you a fortune and is nowhere to be seen on Google?

Time and time again I see business owners paying for elaborate websites they don’t need, hosting they don’t understand and designers they can no longer get in contact with. Are they frustrated? Yes! If you can relate to those experiences then firstly know that you are not alone. Secondly, know that there is a much easier, clearer way forward where you feel in total control of your website and your brand.


What costs are involved?

There are 3 main costs in the development of a website. The first is for your domain, also known as your web address or URL. You can purchase this from a domain registrar and will pay a yearly or 2 yearly fee of between $15 and $30 typically. The second cost is your website hosting. This is paid to a company yearly for hosting your website files on their server. This can be the same company as your domain host or a different one. Lastly is the web design cost which is usually a one off cost paid at the completion of your website.

Can I update it myself?

Absolutely! The great advantage of using the Divi Theme on your website is that it has a very user friendly editor on the front end of your website. This means you don’t need to worry about code or confusing backend jargon! You simply drag and drop your elements as you see them. Because your website is so precious and we don’t want anything to go missing accidentally, we’ll show you how to make simple edits at the end of the project. We’ll also make regular backups for you so if there ever is an issue, we have a backup we can turn to.

I’m not sure I need a website?

If you’re serious about growing your brand (and we’re pretty sure you are) then a website is one of the first things we believe you should set up. This is your online home. A place that is totally yours and a space where you can express your brand and bring it to life. While social media is a great platform to use also, it’s not owned by you so you don’t have total control. Your website is different.  Your audience visit your website to interact with your brand, develop greater connection, more understanding and hopefully to purchase. That’s the ultimate goal are we right? We want conversions. From window shopper to loyal customer yeah!

What’s included?

Check out some website examples