Content is King

It’s time to take social media out of the too-hard-basket and integrate leading social networks Facebook and Instagram into your marketing mix.

Don’t have your own social media team? No worries!

With kdm creative, you can relax knowing your social media strategy, content creation, advertising and community management are all taken care of!

Experience in creating high quality content for food brands, real estate and service based businesses in the disability and aged care space.

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Peninsula Escapes


I look after everything from idea generation, to photography, videography and advertising.


The pressure to create content and remain ‘social’ can be overwhelming when you’re running a business. Questions of what to post, when and to who leave you feeling confused and stuck, to the point where nothing gets done. I can remove all that stress and frustration while you sit back and reap the benefits.


I thrive on helping businesses come out of their shell and join the conversation. From creating a profile to running a campaign, I can support your brand in delivering value to your audience through stand-out content that connects and inspires. Don’t get left behind! With over 80% of the Australian population on social media, it’s an absolute must for any serious business owner.

Natalee, Content Creator

Is social media necessary?

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself whether growing your brand and optimising all opportunities is important to you. If you’re happy with where your business is currently at and you aren’t looking for growth then maybe social media isn’t entirely necessary. However, market conditions are constantly changing and what could be a comfy spot now, might not be there tomorrow. So I’m a huge advocate of being proactive and making the most of all marketing channels available to you. When they’re free, like social media is, then it’s a no-brainer.

Why Facebook & Instagram?

These just happen to be the platforms that I prefer and have the most experience with. It also tends to suit the kinds of clients I work with. As two of the largest social platforms available, you can’t go wrong at least starting there. Other platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube can also be extremely beneficial depending who your target audience is and the types of content you want to put out. If your new to social media then I’m confident Facebook and Instagram will be the right place to dip your toe and see what you think.

Can you do it all for me?

I sure can! I can take the whole lot off your hands to the point where you only need to approve posts a couple of times a month. I can develop the content ideas, take the photos, create the videos, write the captions, post and manage. I can respond to comments, create stories and even manage ad spend if you have it. I can then link everything up to your website to monitor ‘events’ that occur on your site and wrap it all up in a nice tidy report at the end of each month. So easy right!

How I can help

Social Media Strategy & Planning

  • Dedicated social media and community manager with all our social media packages
  • Strategic social media plan aligned to key business objectives

Campaigns & Promotions

  • Planning and execution of social media campaigns
  • Design of all social media assets required for campaigns
  • All design files and creative assets available to and owned by the client

Content Creation

  • Professional quality photography & videography
  • Editing and reels design
  • Food styling

Social Media Management and Community Engagement

  • Creation and curation of content across Facebook and Instagram
  • Account moderation and response management
  • Community engagement and networking

Social Media Advertising

  • Creation of targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising to support campaigns and marketing objectives
  • Social ad and content boost spend can be included in the retainer or billed directly based on your preferences

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